8 roles for six-sigma success

Posted on 7 Jan 2009 by The Manufacturer

Six-sigma sure uses some strange language to describe the roles of personnel involved in its implementation and development. So what are they and what do they do:

1. Sponsor: Senior executive who sponsors the overall Six Sigma initiative.

2. Leader: Senior-level executive who is responsible for implementing Six Sigma within the business.

3. Champion: Middle- or senior-level executive who sponsors a specific Six Sigma project, ensuring that resources are available and cross-functional issues are resolved.

4. Black Belt: Full-time professional who acts as a team leader on Six Sigma projects. Typically has four to five weeks of classroom training in methods, statistical tools, and (sometimes) team skills.

5. Master Black Belt: Highly experienced and successful Black Belt who has managed several projects and is an expert in Six Sigma methods/tools. Responsible for coaching/mentoring/training Black Belts and for helping the Six Sigma leader and Champions keep the initiative on track.

6. Green Belt: Part-time professional who participates on a Black Belt project team or leads smaller projects. Typically has two weeks of classroom training in methods and basic statistical tools.

7. Team Member: Professional who has general awareness of Six Sigma (through no formal training) and who brings relevant experience or expertise to a particular project.

8. Process Owner: Professional responsible for the business process that is the target of a Six Sigma project.

Does your company use all of these roles? If not why and has there been any affect on the outcome or selection of projects?

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By Rob Thompson of learnsigma.com