A new design

Posted on 26 Mar 2009 by The Manufacturer

The North East faction of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS-NE) has expanded its offerings to include design services, as of tomorrow (March 27).

Manufacturers in the region can now go to MAS to get guidance on the design aspects of product development. The MAS North East Design program will provide training on projects such as technology tracking, project management, prototyping techniques, product innovation and projects tailored to drive down costs.

Up until now the organisation has focused most of its efforts on lean manufacturing techniques and energy resource efficiency.

“This support is available to all manufacturers in the region who want to develop a formal approach to product innovation and to provide the awareness, skills development and advice needed to embed and operate an effective product innovation process,” said Andrew Flower, MAS North East engineer and manager of the programme.

“The current economic climate means that businesses are more aware than ever that they need to be as lean and fit for purpose as possible, the Design programme cuts to the very core of the manufacturing process and will prove as invaluable as our successes in the fields of lean manufacturing and energy reduction.”

The design programme will be funded by One North East, the regional development agency for North East England. MAS NE takes additional support from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Competitiveness Programme.

For info see mas-northeast.co.uk..