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Posted on 12 Oct 2021 by The Manufacturer
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Phase 3 of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA), designed to help energy intensive industries and businesses with high energy use to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions is open for idea submissions now. Jenni McDonnell from KTN explains more.

In 2018, industry represented 16 per cent of total UK carbon emissions, with the majority accounted for by industrial energy use. Maximising energy efficiency is a key component of the UK’s transition towards net zero.

Jenni McDonnell MBE, KTN’s Thermal Energy Systems expert
Jenni McDonnell MBE, KTN’s Thermal Energy Systems expert

An industry-wide adoption of the technologies supported through the IEEA programme, could represent 40.6TWh of energy saved by 2031, which is the equivalent of 10MtCO2e cumulative carbon savings over ten years. Phase 3 will provide up to £8 million of grant funding to support industrial-scale demonstration of near-to market technologies, with the potential to cut carbon emissions through reduced energy consumption and/or improved resource efficiency.

The programme is designed to support partnerships between developers of efficient technologies and industrial companies willing to trial innovations on-site. It is open to projects from all UK industry sectors that can demonstrate either a novel technology (targeting Technology Readiness Level 5-8), or the use of an established technology in a novel way.

The IEEA will also provide tailored incubations support to SME technology developers to address technical and commercial challenges. The programme is managed by the BEIS delivery partner, the Carbon Trust, and supported by Jacobs and KTN. Carbon Trust, in collaboration with Jacobs and KTN, will be hosting an online competition briefing event on 14th October to explain the new competitions in more detail and how to apply.


The IEEA is part of the BEIS Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), a £1 billion fund looking to accelerate the commercialisation of low carbon technologies, systems and business models in power, buildings, and industry. It is anticipated that the BEIS IEEA funding will unlock up to £10 million of additional investment from the private sector to support the demonstrations.

BEIS IEEA funding programme

Phase 1 winners

More than 100 technology ideas were screened, and we committed £2.7 million to seven successful projects. Projects were selected on their energy saving potential and scalability, with particular focus on technologies that can be deployed across multiple industrial sectors.


Phase 2 winners

The second phase launched on 1 February 2019 and ran until 30 April 2019. Technology developers and industrial companies applied to the IEEA with a combined submission. Over 60 projects were assessed and 9 successful Phase 2 projects were selected based on energy saving potential and scalability. While projects are being demonstrated in specific sectors, many have wider industry applications.


For more information on the IEEA Phase 3 programme and to view applicant guidance please visit:

Overview – Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) (carbontrust.com

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