Acer looks to topple rivals

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 by The Manufacturer

The CEO of Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer has predicted that his company will trump its rival HP and take the biggest share of its market next year.

Acer has propelled itself into the smart phone market where it hopes to garner a six per cent share within three to five years – selling over a million in 2011 – and it is this development which CEO Gianfranco Lanci attributes his claim that the company will trade places with HP as one and two in the world.

Reuters reports that Lanci told a Swiss newspaper on Sunday: “If the mobile world continues to grow, we will necessarily replace HP as the world’s biggest computer-maker.”

The company is also launching tablet computers to rival Apple’s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy and Lanci said that the firm is targeting a “10-20 per cent (market share)initially and become the market leader in two to three years.”

According to Gartner, HP currently leads the computer making industry with an 18 per cent share, compared with 13 per cent for Acer.