Aerospace and defence firms awarded for improved efficiency

Posted on 12 Apr 2013

Business leaders from the aerospace and defence sectors gathered at the University of the West of England to celebrate the success of 28 companies that have completed the SC21 programme.

Of these, five companies were presented with a silver award and eight of the accolades went to businesses in the South West.

The SC21 programme, which is run by aerospace trade organisation ADS Group, addresses supply chain improvement and aims to increase the competitiveness of the UK aerospace and defence industry.

To date, there are around 650 businesses that are on the continuous improvement journey, more than 250 of which have been presented with an award for their work on the programme.

Paul Everitt, chief executive of ADS Group, said: “In an increasingly competitive market, maximising operational efficiency is critical to stay ahead. The 28 companies being recognised today have achieved a remarkable amount during the course of the past year.”

To achieve an SC21 award, a company must demonstrate world-class business performance in all aspects including delivery and services to customers, internal business efficiency and a continuous sustainable improvement culture throughout the organisation.