Aerospace industry calls for long term partnership with Govt

Posted on 14 Jun 2012 by Chris Flynn

The Aerospace Growth Partnership must establish strong foundations to "transcend changes in government" as the UK aerospace sector faces tough competition, industry representatives warned today.

The AGP was set up in 2010 for government and industry to work together on ensuring the UK remains an attractive location for the sector.

Speaking at a roundtable hosted by ADS in London this morning, Marcus Bryson, CEO of GKN Aerospace, said the UK aerospace industry faces strong competition from all over the world and it is the responsibility of the industry to get this message across to the government through the AGP.

Mr Bryson said: “I want to lay down foundations that will transcend ministerial and administrative changes in government. We need the AGP to establish continuity between the aerospace industry and the government.”

On March 21, it was announced that the government would invest £60m in a UK centre for aerodynamics as part of the work of the AGP. However, there is still work to be done, especially in the skills sector, according to industry experts.

“It is difficult at the moment to get the right engineering talent but if we are to maintain our position in the industry then we must produce more engineers in the UK,” said Bryson.

ADS deputy CEO and managing director Graham Chisnall said the AGP will be looking into apprenticeships and graduate schemes to produce more high skilled UK engineers.