Allied Bakeries looking for Kingsmill Great White to bite into market

Posted on 7 Mar 2014 by The Manufacturer

Kingsmill, the Allied Bakeries-owned brand, has unveiled a new white loaf which it says provides as much fibre as wholemeal bread.

The Great White, which aims to address declining white loaf sales in the UK, underwent a research and development phase of 12 months which included 80 plant trials and 64 test bakes.

Kingsmill’s latest release also aims to address the UK’s shortfall in fibre intake, with recent statistics showing seven out of 10 men and nine out of ten women fail eat below the recommended daily allowance.

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Its launch comes as Allied Bakeries’ £227m, five-year investment plan reaches its conclusion, a move which has seen investments across the country in its baking, manufacturing and distribution sites.

Martin Garlick, category director, Allied Bakeries, said: “Kingsmill Great White is a truly innovative product and has been developed to not only provide the nation with an opportunity to top-up their fibre intake, but also will support retailers in capitalising on this great innovation.

“In fact, our consumer research shows that a fifth of bread consumers feel Kingsmill Great White gives them a reason to fall in love with white bread again.”

Eva Wheeler, head of technical operations and NPD at Allied Bakeries, told TM: “The phase lasted about a year but we were keen to get the product into the plant and test for all scenarios, ensuring we had a really robust recipe.

“One of our values as a business is pace and bringing things to market quicker, and we were so excited about the product we asked what we could do to accelerate and bring to market, which we did seven months ahead of schedule.”