Alternative fuel…from cooking oil

Posted on 25 Sep 2014 by The Manufacturer

United Biscuits has developed a way to use waste cooking oil to power 12 of its lorry fleet as part of its sustainability drive.

As part of its latest initiative, United Biscuits has saved an estimated 97% in CO2 emissions in comparison to traditional diesel fuel.

The waste vegetable oil, a by-product from snacks manufacturing, is processed into Ultra Biofuel and the adapted lorry fleet are set to recycle 500 tonnes of waste cooking oil a year.

An industry first project, the vegetable oil initiative is the result of a partnership with Convert2Green to develop an engine modification across United Biscuit’s lorry fleet which has allowed its trucks to be 100% fuelled by waste oils.

The biscuit and cake manufacturer began its ‘Fewer and Friendlier Miles’ campaign in 2006 and says it has since removed 20 million truck miles from UK roads during that period.

Rob Wright, head of distribution, United Biscuits said the move marks further progress in the company’s strives for increased sustainability.

“The benefits of recycling waste cooking oil from our food factories into Ultra Biofuel is another step along United Biscuits’ green journey, which has already seen us make significant gains in reducing carbon emissions across our logistics business,” he said.

“It is estimated the UK generates 250 million litres of waste oils a year, and we are delighted to be able to demonstrate a sustainable use for this waste material with potential to deliver significant CO2 savings from transport within the UK.”

United Biscuits now plans to roll out the project further across the business and has recently converted two of its brand new Euro VI vehicles to run on Ultra Biofuel.

The new project will sit alongside other sustainability initiatives by United Biscuits including its introduction of 62 longer trailers, which are projected to save 450,000 truck miles on UK roads each year.