Amarinth grows as overseas pump orders soar

Posted on 18 Feb 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Suffolk based pumps manufacturer for general industry, chemical and pretrochemical applications, Amarinth, has announced an increase in its export markets, sales and plans to take on eight new employees.

The news comes following a surge in demand for its API 610 registered products from the petrochemical sector. The organisation is currently exporting 90% of its annual sales to clue chip customers including BP, Petrofrac and Shell and is on course to produce a record turnover this year.

The Woodbridge-based company has managed the growth by reaching out to the Manufacturing Advisory Service. Alex Brigginshaw, Business Development Director at Amarinth, said: “MAS recognised that we had gone through significant changes, with 25% more people working here.

“We were keen to ensure that the leadership capabilities of the business matched our own ambitions, which is why we opted for the leadership training. The expansion of the business has meant our managers now have an extended reporting line and we needed to ensure this was as strong as it could be.

“Our systems now reflect the outstanding quality of the products we supply, which are heavily regulated due to the sectors we supply into.

“To this extent we hold ISO 9001 and ISO18001 and have made the decision to source all of our components and services from the UK. This gives us full traceability and the confidence to allow any of our customers to independently verify our performance…a pre-requisite when dealing with the likes of BP and Shell.”

Amarinth will now focus on new export markets in the North Sea, Asian Pacific and the Middle East, where is currently supplies into Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

Other projects include significant research and development, as well as, the launch of an apprenticeship scheme.

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