An individual approach

Posted on 6 Jul 2011 by The Manufacturer

Charles Morgan, managing director of Morgan Cars, speaks to Ruari McCallion about his varied background, the state of British manufacturing and prospects for his company.

It is entirely appropriate that Charles Morgan’s background is decidedly individual. Born into the family that makes the very distinctive Morgan cars, his early career was a long way from a manufacturing shop floor; he spent a number of years as a cameraman with Independent Television News.

“I joined ITN because I wanted to work in the film industry,” he says. “The late 1970s was a very creative time at ITN. I went all round the world and spent time in the African bureau and covering the Middle East from Beirut.” We then spent a few moments trying to decide whether it was the Europa in Belfast or the Commodore in Beirut that held the record for being the world’s most-bombed hotel.

Whichever it was, the bombers never managed to catch Charles Morgan and the experience as a news film cameraman gave him a really good insight into modern communications. His jobs shift pattern also gave him the chance to indulge his core passion for racing cars.