Apprentices ready to set the world alight in Leipzig

Posted on 1 Jul 2013

The WorldSkills event starts in Leipzig, Germany, tomorrow with competitors from around the world out to prove they are the most skilled young worker in their category.

A total of 53 nations will be competing in a range of vocational disciplines.

Over a thousand young people will be pitting their skills against counterparts from across the world to try and win gold.

WorldSkills UK has entered their best team of engineers to compete in the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology category.

Some of the UK’s most talented electrical installers, welders, auto repairers, mechatronics experts and manufacturers.

Among the UK’s engineering team are Ben Shaw, 20, from Nottingham and Ben Anderson, 21, from Clitheroe.

All three have undertaken EAL qualifications and tomorrow will be competing among the best in the world in their chosen professions.

Ben Anderson works for MotorSport Advanced Development and gained his qualifications through Training 2000.

He said: “I’ve been in Team UK for about six months but I’ve been going through this process, to get here, for around two years now. I’m looking forward to the competition and I’m keen to get into it and get started.”

Ben Shaw works for The University of Nottingham and gained his qualifications through South Nottingham College. He said he was ready to compete after hours of training for the event.

“I’m looking forward to getting the competition started! It’s been a big build up and there’s been a lot of training. Lots of hours have gone into it and I’ve been all over the country. So it’s good to be here now and I’m looking forward to getting in there and getting the job done.”

Interest in the competition is expected to be high with over 200,000 visitors predicted in the 180,000 square metre arena at the Leipzig Trade Fair.

The international skills event is open to competitors up to age 22 (25 for specified competitions) and is hosted by a different country every two years.

You can view the profiles of the Team UK competitors here.