Are you speaking the right export language?

Posted on 30 Mar 2016 by The Manufacturer

Did you know… 74% of multinational enterprises believe it is either important or most important to achieve increased revenues from global operations and that 64% of executives say language barriers are making it difficult to gain competitive foothold in international markets.

With this in mind, it’s worth asking yourself…

Are we at a competitive disadvantage if we don’t expand internationally?

To sustain growth in the long-term, manufacturers must successfully enter new markets, grow international business and expand their competitive advantage on an international stage.

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In order to do this companies need to understand global market preferences, know how to prepare products and the related information for global distribution, and provide worldwide customer support that drives customer satisfaction and retention for lasting success.

However, for many manufacturers the significant international differences in culture, language, and regulatory frameworks discourage them from accessing overseas markets. This needn’t be the case.

Getting language right is an opportunity

Getting language right provides a huge opportunity for manufacturing organisations looking to expand their international business and enter new markets. When you can overcome the challenge of communicating to your customers in different languages, the opportunities are immense:

  • Penetrate foreign markets to drive revenues and global market share
  • Engage global customers to build international brand value, improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Gain a competitive advantage over local market competition

But, where do I start? And how do I know what matters to my global customers and what messages resonate with them?

Manufacturers need to be able to quickly and efficiently produce, manage and deliver high-quality products and content in an ever increasing number of languages.

With consumers becoming savvier and emerging markets maturing, simply translating your content is not enough.

Understanding what messages will resonate with your customer, the context that the message appears in, and the cultural nuances of language are the keys to differentiation and profitable global expansion.

Continue reading the eBook for further insights as to how manufacturers can begin speaking to a global audience, how to address individual in-company stakeholder needs and localisation success stories from other renowned manufacturing organisations who have effectively made the transition into new international markets.

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Are you excellent at exporting?

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