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Posted on 19 Mar 2018 by The Manufacturer

Atos and The Manufacturer recently hosted their third annual “Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital” roundtable event in Atos’ London office.

Industrial Internet Cyber Security Attack Hack Data Crime
How do you simultaneously provide end-to-end security while ensuring flexibility in an ever-changing environment?

A cross-section of senior level decisions makers from every corner of the Manufacturing sector were invited to share their viewpoints on a range of topics, with their thoughts and opinions captured to create the third edition of the co-branded Directive on Digital Transformation report.

The CTO of a high value manufacturing catapult centre, Dr Sam Turner, kicked off the event by talking through recent developments in the manufacturing sector, and what organisations are doing to capitalise on the opportunities they created.

‘Digitise or die’

Following this key note session, the attendees formed breakout groups to discuss four key challenges facing the industry, one of which was ‘Data Security, Trust and Compliance’.

The main worries that attendees noted were the routes that cyber criminals could use – especially along the supply chain – and how they could exploit these weak areas to reach a point of total control.

This lead to a discussion about how manufacturing organisations can have a reliable cyber security solutions while maintaining agility.

Attendees mentioned worries about a heavy focus on security acting as a barrier to innovation and integration, for example when bringing new systems into their production process.

This point was countered by one attendee noting that cyber engineers are very aware of these modern issues and keep them in mind when designing new systems.

So, how do you simultaneously provide end-to-end security while ensuring flexibility in an ever-changing environment?

This is a two-part issue, and attendees had a lot to say on the current levels of security employed by organisations, but the consensus was that there is a long road ahead for some companies when it comes to data security.

One of a kind thought leadership

The other topics discussed at the event – Industry 4.0, Digital Business Transformation, and STEM – are captured in the full third edition of this report, available to download here.

This is a great resource containing key directives to aid your digital journey, and presents a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the thoughts and opinions of decision makers in the manufacturing sector.

The third edition of the co-branded report builds on the first and second editions, and all three can be downloaded here.