Atos & The Manufacturer: Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital

Posted on 9 Feb 2017 by The Manufacturer

In October 2016, Atos and The Manufacturer hosted the second annual co-branded “Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital” roundtable event.

Industry leaders from across the manufacturing sector gathered to discuss and debate four key topics around Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing Digital, and to hear the thoughts of key note speakers, Keith Jackson, CTO of Meggitt, and Conor La Grue, head of engineering for Bloodhound SSC.

The Industry 4.0 conversation

Directive on Digital Transformation report - 2nd Edition - The Manufacturer & Atos

In breakout sessions, the attendees offered their thoughts and opinions on the four key topics, one of which was Industry 4.0. The attendees quickly honed in on a point of view that manufacturers just aren’t talking about Industry 4.0 enough. One attendee noted that; “No client has come to me and said “can I talk about Industry 4.0?”.

The opinion among attendees was that this definitely shouldn’t be the case, but this situation stems from a lack of clarity around exactly what Industry 4.0 is and the absence of a standard definition everyone can work to. Most troubling for the attendees was that it became apparent that no one seems to be leading the charge on trying to nail a ‘one true definition’ down.

It was also noted that the opportunities Industry 4.0 can create for an organisation, once it is understood what Industry 4.0 looks like, will strongly rely on people’s attitudes towards it. One attendee said; “It is something that IS happening and you can either take advantage of it or not”.

Getting the full story

These are just a snapshot of the discussions that took place and you can read all the attendees’ thoughts, opinions, and conclusions around Industry 4.0 from the event here.

You can also download the full Directive on Digital Transformation report from event that contains insight on all the topics discussed –  including new digital technologies, people & culture, and data & security – as well as offering some key directives for consideration when approaching your own digital transformation journey.

Unique thought leadership

This is the second edition of the Directive on Digital Transformation report and presents another unique opportunity to understand the thoughts and insight of many key decision makers within the manufacturing sector.

Both the first and second editions of the full co-branded report, as well as the topic specific sub-reports, can be downloaded here.