Autoclave safety to be protected by AIC Group

Posted on 16 Jul 2012 by The Manufacturer

Maintenance company AIC Group has secured contracts worth £560,000 to service autoclaves at three manufacturers.

AIC’s services will be extended to one F1 team, polymer technology company Trelleborg and one other unnamed global engineering group. The contracts will last five years.

The F1 team’s autoclave manufactures critical composite parts while Trelleborg’s autoclave is used in the manufacture of precision seals. The global engineering group supplies to the aerospace sector and will require maintenance to calibrate its  six autoclaves to Aerospace Pyrometry Standard AMS 2750D.

David Grew of Trelleborg said: “Our autoclave is a key part of our production process. It is important that it is operational when we need it. This contract for planned maintenance will minimise down-time and increase the capacity of the machine. AIC’s ability to deliver this was a key reason for selecting them to take on this work.”

The autoclave maintenance programmes will cover: gas, electric and steam heating systems; cooling systems; vacuum pumps; air circulation fan and motor; door operation and safety systems; controls and electrics; and pneumatics.

AICs new clients will recieve 24/7 emergency cover with remote diagnostics and rapid engineer-on-site-response in case of breakdown.