Autocraft expands international presence with new European EV battery servicing facility

Posted on 27 Nov 2023 by The Manufacturer

Autocraft EV Solutions has begun operations from its new EV battery manufacturing site in Arnhem, The Netherlands, as the company continues to scale up efforts to support the automotive industry in unlocking the full performance and environmental potential of EV batteries on the path to net-zero.

Amid rapid growth in EV ownership, and the associated increase in EV battery repair volumes, the new facility will play a key role in achieving the EV battery performance and sustainability goals of major EV manufacturers in continental Europe.

With capacity to repair approximately 1,340 battery packs per year and boasting exceptional road and sea transport links, the site has been chosen to help minimise the logistical and environmental challenges of long-distance transportation of faulty batteries.

Through its world-class REVIVE testing and repair capability, Autocraft EV Solutions, part of Autocraft Solutions Group, is uniquely positioned to carry out testing on an industrial scale to identify battery issues on a cellular level – even before they have occurred – with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.

Having developed the first ever industrialised EV battery repair process, the facility is equipped to carry out safe and error-free battery repairs at scale, thereby shielding OEMs from mounting warranty costs and reputational risk associated with repeat failures. This technology has been vital to Autocraft EV Solutions work to date, where it has already successfully delivered thousands of EV battery repairs on behalf of several major OEMs from its existing site in Grantham, UK.

Through its highly targeted, exceptionally precise EV battery remanufacturing methodology, Autocraft EV Solutions can tackle the root causes of decline and replace underperforming modules with healthy existing ones to restore peak performance and maximise longevity. This approach comes at a fraction of the environmental cost of producing a new pack or even recycling faulty packs, promising to play a vital role in helping the automotive industry to achieve its circularity goals.

As a pioneer and early entrant into the EV battery repair space, the business deployed its cutting-edge REVIVE Mobile EV Battery Service Centre to the new site in Arnhem following a successful outing at the REMATEC exhibition in The Netherlands, where it received the award for ‘Best Remanufacturing Innovation.’

Housed within a 30ft ISO footprint expandable container, REVIVE Mobile is fully equipped with an array of technologies, including Autocraft’s patented ARIA (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) system, LiDAR controls, RFID tools and safety systems, for outstanding process control to ensure optimal repair outcomes and the safety of operatives.

The innovative technology allows Autocraft to rapidly implement an interim repair service at strategic locations, before introducing a permanent presence through its fixed REVIVE Workshop. As the business looks to expand its global presence, it will replicate this approach in other sites around the world.

Mike Hague-Morgan, Executive Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, commented: “The launch of our EV repair centre in Arnhem is a significant milestone in our global strategy, allowing us to bring our safe and sustainable EV testing, repair and remanufacturing expertise to strategic locations where there is greatest demand.

“The success of the transition to electric is heavily dependent on finding sustainable ways to improve EV battery reliability at minimal cost to the environment. Through our world-class EV testing, repair and remanufacturing expertise, we are working ever more closely with European OEMs to help them achieve their performance and circularity goals. Our new Arnhem facility is the next step in our very exciting growth story, and we look forward to continuing to expand our presence across Europe and beyond.”

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