BAE Systems’ James Bond-style ‘Stealth Tank’ at DSEi

Posted on 15 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

As one of the heaviest hitters at the DSEi, BAE Systems was bound to show off its ability to take a lead role in the global defence industry. The CV90-120T is a testament to this, says George Archer.

Notes from the front line – DSEi 2011

The CV90-120T is a tank you’d expect to see in a Hollywood action movie, complete with a crew of hardcase soldiers manning the guns and turret. The tank is completely black, with the sides made out of a hexagonal layer of ‘pixels’ which are able to change temperature rapidly. With the name ‘Adaptiv’, this cloaking device picks up the background heat signature and projects it onto the side of the tank, providing effective camouflage in the darkness.

Earlier this summer in Sweden, BAE Systems tested the tank’s Adaptiv cloak. As well as showing the tank is able to blend in with its surroundings, the team successfully disguised the tank as a car by manipulating the pixels to show a false infrared image that shows up on enemy heat sensors.

The tank has been fitted with Soucy International rubber band tyres to reduce vibration and noise – adding to its overall stealth capability. BAE Systems claims that the rubber tracks can make potential weight savings of 1200kg per vehicle.

George Archer