Banjo maker goes online to boost sales of UK-made instrument

Posted on 8 Jul 2013

Norfolk-based The Great British Banjo Company, the only large-scale manufacturer of banjos in the UK, has launched a new website offering online ordering for customers worldwide.

The website went live on July 4th, selling the company’s own British-made banjos, as well as unique banjo-related clothing and gifts, and a selection of banjo accessories.

Manufacturing of banjos on a production level has not happened in the UK for many decades.

Founder and managing director Simon Middleton said: “A handful of other craft makers produce banjos to bespoke order in the UK, but nobody has manufactured here in proper numbers for many, many years.

“There are several brands which have British sounding names, but are all actually manufactured in China. When we say made in Britain, we actually mean made in Britain. We’re on a mission to revive a formerly great British industry.”

The company’s first instrument, the limited edition Islander Ash Leaf openback banjo, which retails at £1999.95, was launched last year.

Last month, the company announced plans to launch a second instrument, the Shackleton banjo, designed to be more affordable. It will retail in the UK at £299.

“The Shackleton is the people’s banjo for the new era in which the banjo is being picked up by young people who are fans of bands like Mumford&Sons, as well as older players looking for an affordable high-quality instrument to learn on,” said Middleton.

Photo courtesy of Martin Monroe