The Basics of Managing E-Commerce

Posted on 17 Nov 2017 by The Manufacturer

Due to technological developments and the worldwide use of the internet, it is now not only possible to trade online but it’s also relatively easy.

E-commerce is becoming more and more important for businesses. Image courtesy of Flickr - Mike Mozart
E-commerce is becoming more and more important for businesses. Image courtesy of Flickr – Mike Mozart

However, it might take some getting used to if you’re used to trading in person or just starting to use e-commerce for your manufacturing business. By embracing e-commerce for your business, you are opening it up to global markets and opportunities. Read on to find out about the basics of managing your marketing strategy, your customer service operations, payments and the most helpful software that will make your job easier.


You will need to have a website that will showcase your products, display your delivery and terms and conditions; your customers can look online to seek out information about your company and products, and once it is live there is no limit to the amount of marketing you can do online, particularly if you have the budget and the imagination. You can pay for external SEO services and for other white hat marketing services to increase your website’s traffic and audience reach, but there are still avenues open if your marketing budget leaves something to be desired. You can raise the profile of your business by entering listings in industry directories and opening pages on all the most popular social media sites to report on company and industry news.

Payments and Software Systems

There are several options open to you when it comes to managing your payments. Choose the right payment gateway for you to help you organise this process in the best way for your team and your customers. Payment gateways have made it much easier to trade online, and it’s essential that you can offer your customers simplicity and security when using your business.

Technology really is a boon for e-commerce businesses, and if you do your research then you could stand to save a lot of money. Choose software that will integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure, and see where else you can automate processes and procedures, for example, an online HR system could be a more cost-effective solution than employing a HR officer, and there are even procurement and warehouse systems that can modify your practices.

Customer Service

If a customer has taken the time to get in contact with a member of your team then they’re serious, whether they’re disgruntled about poor service or they don’t know how to use your site. It’s absolutely essential that these customers are directed to somebody who is a great listener but who can talk to them confidently and professionally about what can be done to help. Showing that you really care about your customers is the best way to keep customers coming back, so with a good team you can turn a negative into a positive. Customers have more power today than ever before, as they can leave reviews, spread messages via word of mouth or even troll you online. To avoid this, respond to any online criticism, and show that you care about offering the best service around.