The Benefits Of Tracking Your Parcel

Posted on 10 Nov 2017 by The Manufacturer

It’s a well-known fact amongst anyone who sends or receives parcels, that tracking has become quite the common commodity.

Tracking parcels can be very beneficial to manufacturers. Image courtesy of Flickr - Adam Levine.
Tracking parcels can be very beneficial to manufacturers. Image courtesy of Flickr – Adam Levine.

From big name couriers, to cheap parcel delivery companies, you’re more likely to find tracking than not nowadays, but is this tool really as beneficial as it seems? Is tracking really needed within the parcel delivery industry? We think so! And if you keep reading you’ll find out exactly why!

Peace of Mind

There’s no denying that knowing where your parcel is at any time can give you extra peace of mind. And not just you, either. A tracking facility will help both you and the courier feel that little more relaxed knowing where your parcel is at all times. No more will your parcel be at risk of disappearing into thin air! Well, not without you knowing about it straight away. By tracking your parcels, you can be sure of where your parcel is and whether it’s on track. In most cases, you won’t even need to call the courier up to find out – most companies offer some kind of online tracking nowadays!


It’s highly unlikely that anyone can afford to stay at home all day in today’s busy world, and so the knowledge of where your parcel is and when it is likely to be delivered can give you peace of mind that it’s on its way, as well as allow you to adjust your schedule accordingly or inform the courier to leave the parcel with a neighbour or in a safe place. Giving confirmation to a courier of an alternate delivery spot means your parcel can still be left somewhere for you to receive, but without the need to drive to a depot to pick it up. Some couriers will even allow you to reschedule the delivery if given enough notice, which can save time and money for both you and the courier.

Customer Service

Tracking your parcel is a whole new form of customer service. You’ll be aware of where your parcel is, the status of your delivery and if there’s any problems, giving both you and the courier a better basis from which to work. You’ll have more information about your parcel, and they’ll have more information about the service they are providing – whether it’s on schedule or behind. If you have any questions, a tracking number for a parcel can bring up all the information you and someone on the end of the phone could ever need if you call them up, making customer service more efficient, and far easier.


Tracking your parcel gives you better visibility about where your parcel is and when you can expect to receive it. This is especially helpful in the case of sensitive or expensive deliveries! Gone are the days of wondering where your parcel is when it’s marked as ‘delivered’ and you still haven’t received it, or it doesn’t turn up on the day that it was estimated to arrive. The worry is a thing of the past with tracking. Some tracking systems can give you a lot of detail about where your parcel is and when it was sent out for delivery.

What About Live Tracking?

Live tracking is a better, almost more high-tech way of tracking your parcel, and every day it’s being made more and more widely available. What is ‘live tracking’ you ask? Well, live tracking is essentially a more in depth version of what’s already available. Some companies make it possible to track your courier down to which street they are currently in using GPS. It can even tell you more or less exactly how long it will be until a courier is at your door. We’ve already established that normal tracking is useful to customers, but is this going a little too far? Is it an invasion of driver privacy and just a gimmick? Or could it turn out to be valuable to consumers? Only time will tell.