Bentley releases four cuddly collectibles for Christmas

Posted on 9 Nov 2023 by James Devonshire

Bentley has unveiled four furry, adorable new bears looking for lovely homes. Just like one of Bentley’s motor cars, they’re made to last and pass from one generation to another.

The Bentley bears are looking for loving homes on and in Bentley showrooms for when they’re not busy at the race track or on the production line. Each of the four teddies are beautifully soft to the touch and stylish in their attire.

The Special Edition Signature Bear, with flexible joints, is dressed for formal occasions with a double-ribbon necktie in grey and green and a Bentley-branded ear tag.

Then there’s the Engineer teddy bear, primed for the pits with their white and green overalls and matching cap, just like Bentley’s own motorsport boffins. The suit features a working pocket which includes three sewn-in felt mechanical tools – a spanner, screwdriver and a wrench – just in case anyone needs a job doing.

Inspired by one of the courageous Bentley boys who dominated the Le Mans 24 Hours in the late 1920s and early ‘30s, the Heritage Racing Bear has borrowed his polka-dot scarf from Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin, father of the famous supercharged ‘Blower’. This teddy’s dashing good looks are complimented by a rakish suedette helmet, racing goggles and a bomber jacket to defend from the headwind as he’s thundering along the Mulsanne Straight.

Cosy Knit teddy is the baby Bentley of the family, with a coordinating knitted jumper and bobby hat, featuring the Bentley wings logo and a diamond design within the knit that’s reminiscent of Crewe’s finest craftsmanship.

Furnished with luxurious fur fabric– useful for steering, gearshift and pedal work – and an embroidered ‘B’ on one paw. They are all 40cm in height, so they might need help seeing over the bonnet, and are priced at £65 each for Cosy, Engineer and Heritage and £80 for the Signature bear. Just like one of Bentley’s motor cars, they’re made to last and pass from one generation to another. Each is presented in a 100 per cent cotton Bentley-branded dust bag.

The Bentley Collection offers free UK shipping on all orders over £200, and a range of inspiring gifts that’ll brighten the Christmas of every Bentley enthusiast and the generation in waiting.

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