BIG data and the industrial internet of things; what this could mean for manufacturers

Posted on 5 Jan 2015 by The Manufacturer

The rapidly growing adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and companies looking to leverage existing IoT now presents an exciting opportunity for manufacturing companies. By combining consumer driven big data with IoT, machine-generated data can merge with data created by humans.

This facilitates deeper insights and enhanced real-time decision making, and holds positive implications for the future of manufacturing.

Manufacturing is already well established as “machine data driven’. The machine to machine (M2M) layer is very mature and although connectivity does exist, it is limited to certain data sources within the processes along a supply chain.  IoT offers wider and deeper connectivity, on open platforms across many devices.

This makes it possible to now integrate data sources that exist outside of the manufacturing process (those that are human generated); to create an overall data picture that could support manufacturing firms in achieving competitive advantage.

For example, insights from social media feeds allow companies to overcome big data challenges and leverage social trends to their advantage. Social insights support a company in building offerings that are founded in consumer sentiment and real world, relevant knowledge, essentially building real-world value that generates revenue.

As a leader in M2M Enterprise and supply chain solutions, SAP provides real time analytics across massive data levels with high-performance analytic appliances . When combined with predictive analysis, Hadoop and Infinite Insights, SAP offers a complete solution that firms need now and in the future.

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