Birds Eye launches social media Mashtags (Mas#tags) campaign

Posted on 22 May 2014 by Tim Brown

Company looks to capitalise on Foodstagraming.

Birds Eye has launched a new social media-inspired potato product called Mashtags (aka Mas#tags) aimed at getting customers to post pictures their meals to Instagram.

Birds Eye Mashtags potato productBirds Eye also launched a pop-up restaurant called Picture House, where customers can pay for meals simply by posting shots of their meals on Instagram. At the pop-up restaurant in London, which just opened, customers can simply upload a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations.

The innovative marketing methods are part of a larger marketing campaign from the nearly 70-year-old Feltham, UK based Iglo Group.

The company is hoping to double its size by 2020, with the company looking into the benefits of social commerce. Marketing director Margaret Jobling told Marketing Week last year that the social media push was intended to build brand loyalty among adult diners and families.

So far the strategy has included everything from Facebook campaigns to social media-themed products like Mashtags. Birds Eye’s most recent foray into social media is intended to promote the launch of its Inspirations product line, a new selection of premium chicken and fish recipes.