BMW plant resumes operation as fuel protest ends

Posted on 17 Jun 2008 by The Manufacturer

The BMW Mini factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire, has finally been able to continue production, which had been halted due to the Spanish fuel protests.

The blockades had prevented car parts from being exported to the Oxfordshire factory.

Staff at the factory continue to be concerned that they will not receive full pay for the hours they were unable to work, or that they may now have to work extra hours to earn the same wages. One anonymous worker added: “Some of the people aren’t very happy because they are having to do it on a working time account, which is hours that they had built up to have off at times when they would like to have time off.”

Unions have been in discussion with BMW, which described the situation as “beyond [its] control”.
“Fortunately, we have managed to get all the necessary production parts out of Spain and are now able to resume production,” the company said in a statement.