Boardwalktech updates collaboration platform

Posted on 10 Sep 2010 by The Manufacturer

Boardwalktech, a provider of collaboration solutions for global enterprises, has released a new version of its Boardwalk Collaboration Platform (BCP) software.

The company says that it will help global manufacturers work more collaboratively with trading partners while driving faster—and more profitable—product-planning decisions.

“The latest release of BCP meets our customers’ increasing demand for a more powerful large dataset capability. This, combined with BCP’s collaborative capabilities, opens new opportunities for our customers to rapidly configure and deploy enterprise applications for the desktop,” said JB Kuppe, VP of marketing at Boardwalktech. “Our initial focus for BCP had been to make it possible for our customers to simply deploy collaborative enterprise applications which are not limited by the click/edit paradigm of traditional enterprise applications.

Boardwalktech hopes that its new BCP release will represent the next evolution in manufacturer/trade partner collaboration. It delivers performance improvements for all collaborative operations and processes running on BCP. Common operations, like the time needed to add and update planning items like forecast SKUs for a given month to the database, have also been significantly improved.

The release also extends BCP’s cloud-based access control capabilities, which lets companies manage what rows and columns users see, to include new capabilities for dynamically managing how much data and what type of data is active in a given collaboration between multiple users and systems. This means data allocation to the desktop and the overall process can be dynamically controlled so the overall process is always performing optimally.