Bosch launches CyberCompare to revolutionise cybersecurity procurement in the UK

Posted on 14 Oct 2022 by The Manufacturer

Multinational engineering and technology company, Bosch, has announced the UK expansion of its cyber security procurement platform, Bosch CyberCompare, to help businesses make the right selection when it comes to purchasing cyber security solutions.

Increased cyber risk is a major concern with a reported 18% of UK companies experiencing a cyber breach at least once a month. Rising cyber-attacks only reinforce the need for organisations to find and implement the correct cybersecurity solutions for their business. However, the vast amount of cyber security tools, software, and vendors available means it is increasingly difficult for IT leaders to choose a solution that is most affordable and effective to suit their business needs.

Bosch CyberCompare supports companies and the public sector when purchasing cybersecurity for enterprise IT, Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) used in production or products. The platform enables customers to procure security services as well as all kinds of products while providing specification templates, recommendations, anonymised requests for proposals, comparisons of actual provider quotes and running complete requests for quotes (RFQs).

Bosch's CyberCompare helps businesses make the right selection when it comes to purchasing cybersecurity solutions

Bosch’s CyberCompare helps businesses make the right selection when it comes to purchasing cybersecurity solutions. Stock image courtesy of Shutterstock

With a team of cyber security experts in Germany and the UK, the platform can compare quotes from more than 7,000 providers of cybersecurity solutions and providers for IT, OT and IoT environments. Bosch CyberCompare is 100% independent and acts on the customer’s behalf, does not have any sales partnerships with vendors, and has already gained significant experience from helping over 200 external customers make decisions in cyber security.

Commenting on the UK launch, Dr. Jannis Stemmann, Founder and CEO at Bosch CyberCompare said: “Why should every organisation start from scratch when purchasing cybersecurity, instead of building on good practices and benefitting from platform effects? CyberCompare offers the opportunity to get the project completed faster, with low risk and for a lower budget.”

Nehal Thakore, Country Head, UK, at Bosch CyberCompare also commented: “We are excited to officially launch in the UK following significant uptake amongst our customers with the delivery of over 300 external projects in German-speaking regions in the last 18 months. As a truly state-of-the-art platform, we are excited to grow the brand and offerings to a wider base of businesses.”

On October 13 2022, Bosch CyberCompare will host industry experts in European Cybersecurity Panel discussion which will uncover several insights about high-priority cybersecurity-related topics.

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