Bosch Rexroth demonstrates screw solutions from the cloud

Posted on 19 Jan 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Bosch Rexroth, iTAC and OpenText demonstrate machine monitoring and screw solutions from the cloud supporting a pay-per-use assembly solution.

Industrial Internet of Things Innovation Center, Accenture – image courtesy of iTAC Software.

The basis of the IoT solution is an ecosystem comprising ERP, MES, and BI solutions as well as the Nexo screw technology.

This technology is a radio cordless screwdriver from Bosch Rexroth which has an intelligent controlling system following the ZVEI guidelines “Which Criteria do Industry 4.0 products have to fulfill?”

The product can be communicated to online, it supplies and takes data and is plug-and-play ready for Industry 4.0-conform services, and it also creates standardised data with cross-manufacturer unique identification that can be read by a scanner.

Radio cordless screwdriver communicates with MES

Based on the Nexo features a pay-per-use application scenario was built in a real just-in-sequence assembly cell at the Accenture IIoT Innovation Center. This scenario shows how the screwdriver supports assembly processes.

It has been set up as a steering wheel assembly and demonstrates how the radio cordless screwdriver automatically recognizes whether the steering wheel being assembled is correct. The screw system provides its own data via process interlocking mechanisms.

If the steering wheel is not correct, the process is stopped automatically by the iTAC.MES.Suite to which which the screwdriver communicates.

Integrated BI system and pay per use

The system enables steering wheels to be assembled according to their type; it not only shows and controls if the correct material has been used but also, for example, whether the steering wheel has been assembled using the correct torque.

With this system the worker only has to scan the barcode once; the pay-per-use system calculates different rates depending on torque speed. This allows invoices to be calculated per torque.

Invoicing takes place in ERP. The MES communicates with ERP via interfaces. The invoice is generated fully automatically in ERP for the factory as a closed-loop scenario. The systems can communicate with each other via integration services.