Bright sparks offer MPs free lamps

Posted on 14 May 2009 by The Manufacturer

An electrical components company has today made a cheeky offer to David Willetts, Shadow Secretary MP, of 30 free energy efficient lamps. The lamps, the firm says, will do away with Willetts’ need to spend £240 of tax payer’s money on replacing his lights, as reported in the media this week.

RS Components has put the offer in after Willetts, Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities & Skills and MP for Havant, allegedly spent £150 of tax payer’s money to replace 25 lamps in his second home in West London and another £80 to change the lights in his bathroom. RS said that as energy efficient LED lamps require up to 80% less electricity than a standard lamp, and typically last up to 50,000 hours, the tax payer would only need to foot the bill for their replacement every 11 years.

And Northamptonshire based RS even said they would extend the offer and send a free lamp to any other MP that wanted to get involved.

“We would be happy to speak with Mr. Willetts to provide the right energy efficient lamps for his home,” said Neil Harrison, customer marketing manager at RS Components.

“Perhaps if every MP switched to energy efficient lamps further embarrassment on related expense claims could be avoided. The potential savings for tax payers on energy bills and maintenance would run into the millions over time,” he said.

The firm said MPs can get more information about energy efficient lighting at