British industry is losing the war for talent

Posted on 4 May 2018 by Tim Coulthard

Against a backdrop of declining EU immigration, too few women and ethnic minorities are choosing manufacturing as a career – jeopardising the UK's manufacturing renaissance and raising questions about whether the country's manufacturers have a structural problem with workforce diversity.

Women & Diversity in Manufacturing Summit will bring together 100 manufacturing executives at a one-day event – image courtesy of Cisco.

Women & Diversity in Manufacturing Summit, UK’s most important manufacturing conference of the year, will bring together 100 manufacturing executives at a one-day event during the International Business Festival in Liverpool on 21 June.

Featuring companies that have transformed career accessibility along with individual role models from the boardroom to the factory floor, this event will examine the problems and find solutions to fix UK manufacturing’s skills shortage.

A unique conference format

Rather than sit at the back of a conference room and look at presentation slides all day – delegates get to join a high-level conversation on a focused topic, tapping into the expertise and experience of their discussion leader and fellow delegates.

They can choose which discussion table to join from the available topics and each discussion lasts 30-minutes – enabling them to participate in five different discussions during the course of the conference.

Jump into the conversation and sit alongside the speakers at this event – hear their stories, pose questions and walk away with a plethora of ideas and knowledge.

“Being an active member of Women in Aerospace Europe and Women in STEM, I can see clear pathways to use the positive progress already taking place at OEM level and to filter this through the supply chain. I am looking for further engagement from the Manufacturing sector to push this forward,” Gayle Davie, Sales Manager, Nicofe Materials

“It is a well-known fact that groups with mixed gender and ethnicity are more creative, and simply more fun. I want to unleash the power of genuine human creativity in engineering when making new-generation products,” Olly Dmitrev, Managing Director, Vert Rotors –

“I want to inspire people to engage with Engineering and STEM subjects, as I have won awards for volunteering in STEM and foreign languages to schools, hopefully we progress the challenges within manufacturing,” Susan Jones, Senior Quality Systems Specialist, Tata Steel

While there is a clear agreement on the importance of tackling UK manufacturing’s skills challenge – there is not a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution, which is why we expect the conversations at Women & Diversity in Manufacturing Summit to be so interesting.

Women & Diversity in Manufacturing Summit

When: 21 June 2018

Where: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, co-located with The International Business Festival

If you are interested in joining your peers for these conversations, you can see the full line up of speakers and discussion topics in the conference agenda which you can download by clicking the link below: