BT launches enhanced security portfolio as threats to IT change

Posted on 27 Apr 2012

BT announced innovations to its BT Assure security portfolio after releasing research highlighting the biggest risks businesses run as more devices are linked to corporate networks and cloud solutions are increasingly used.

The BT ‘Rethink the Risk’ report surveyed 2,000 users across 11 countries, showing that traditional barriers are challenged and that specific tools are needed.

The three main risks identified by IT decision-makers are cybersecurity threats, accidental or intentional employee data loss and increasing use of personal devices on employers’ networks.

According to the BT research, 82% of companies already allow employees to bring their own device to work. Four out of ten companies, however, have experienced security breaches resulting from unauthorised devices accessing their networks.

The innovations that BT launched for its BT Assure portfolio include: a uniform web access policy for all devices connecting to a network; analytics-powered real time overview of potential threats; a more controls oriented approach to security incident and event management (SIEM) allowing for a customisable analysis and streamlined response; a framework touching a large number of mobile device, called Mobility Lifecycle Management; and an assessment tool that quickly identifies areas of concerns.

Jeff Kelly, CEO of BT Global Services, said: “By promoting intelligence and innovation through our BT Assure portfolio, we help our customers to identify, implement and deliver security where it matters most, building it into the heart of the organisation rather than just bolting it on.

“Trust needs to be backed by a continuous investment programme in skilled people, as well as state of the art global infrastructure and security management systems.”


Photo by Vincent Diamante