CAM technology asset added to nuclear research centre

Posted on 29 Aug 2012 by The Manufacturer

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research centre gained a new member today as Edgecam signed up to support the future of the UK nuclear industry.

Edgecam, the CAD-neutral computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) system, joined the Sheffield-based Nuclear AMRC today in order to participate in the refinement of machining capabilities for the UK’s growing civil nuclear industry.

According the Nuclear AMRC, the UK civil nuclear sector is expected to benefit from about £60 billion of investment in new nuclear power stations which will be capable of 16GW generation capacity.

This creates huge opportunities for UK-based manufacturers who are, and will become, accredited to supply the industry and Edgecam is keen to be at the centre of maximising these prospects.

Edgecam will work with academic and industrial partners at the Nuclear AMRC to help consistently identify the best tool paths for the manufacture of key nuclear new build components, improving the productivity of machine tools for the industry.

The software partner was selected as a member by the Nuclear AMRC’s Machining Team which was seeking a specialist in mill/turn and horizontal boring processes – particularly for the development of single step machining in collision rich machining environments.

Industrial partners at the Nuclear AMRC span a wide range of technologies and company sizes

Edgecam is a Vero Software product.