Cambridgeshire business celebrates 25th anniversary

Posted on 19 Apr 2013

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Huntingdon-based Encocam Ltd.

The firm, established in 1988, is the parent company of 10 divisions spanning across a large range of industries from energy absorption, safety testing solutions, composite panels, interior design and architecture, motorbike distribution and manufacturing and engineering services.

To celebrate its longevity and its 140 employees, Encocam will hold a weekend of education, networking and entertainment for its workforce and clients.

Originally founded to fulfil orders for composite panels, the company has diversified extensively and now has offices in several countries. It only has nine apprentices and an in-house design team.

Managing director and founder Mike Ashmead said: “Over the last two and a half decades we have risen to a huge number of challenges and have always aimed to meet our customers’ wants and needs. I am extremely pleased to be able to celebrate 25 years of success this year.”

Encocam operates in three sites in Cambridgeshire.