Can digital signage unlock change in manufacturing?

Posted on 22 Jan 2024 by The Manufacturer
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What happens when the pace of innovation, and even the nature of 'change' itself, become too much for the average mind to handle? Rob Lewis of MRG Systems explains.

That question was posed by science historian James Burke in his landmark 1978 television series Connections. In that show, Burke explored the evolution of technology and the nature of unintentionally connected innovation. Each breakthrough paved the way for the next without the initial innovator anticipating the future uses of their creation.

Fast-forward half a century, and we find the pace of change nothing short of dizzying. Just as Burke predicted, today we all struggle to fully comprehend the changing world around us.

So, where does that leave us in manufacturing?

Managing change is arguably tougher today than ever before. More on that later. Firstly, let us explain our role.

We help manufacturing people communicate using digital signage: Our strategically placed digital displays act as your own rolling news channel, displaying engaging content and real-time data.

By offering repeated opportunities to see important messages, digital signage addresses the limitations of traditional internal communications, enhancing consistency and message retention.

A well-designed digital display, featuring a mix of content, including video and motion graphics, catches the eye and fosters engagement, recall, and discussion.

Practically, it can do some of the simple and important stuff. Guiding people to meetings, giving the lunchtime menu options, and advertising job opportunities.

But there is so much more to come…

The Manufacturer identified seven key areas of opportunity. Each with its own unique change management challenges:

  • Leadership and strategy
  • Hardware and automation
  • Sustainability
  • People and skills
  • Digital transformation
  • Product innovation
  • Industrial data and AI

We’ve looked at each of those in a helpful guide and given you some ideas for how digital signage can help address your internal communications challenges.

Download our free guide today: digital signage for forward thinking manufacturers.

Thinking back to our change management challenge…

 The only certainty is that the pace of change will intensify. To unlock emerging opportunities, there’s a pressing need to bring people with us and accept new ways of working.

Ending the ‘them and us’ mindset is key. As workforces are asked to adapt at an ever-quickening pace, confidence in leadership will be critical.

And it’s not just boardroom to shopfloor where communications need to improve. Think of the tribal nature of many businesses.

When the actions of one department are announced to another without a full understanding of the rationale behind difficult decisions, bafflement ensues.

digital signage

So how will we bring people with us?

We need to move beyond conventional communications. Noticeboards might as well be written in invisible ink. Yes, the information is there. But does anyone really engage with it?

Perhaps you add regular newsletters and verbal briefings to your internal communications mix. And of course, there’s good old email too.

The problem is that whether delivered verbally, digitally or in print, all these methods demand undivided attention at a specific moment in time.

It’s all rather like that 1978 TV show we were talking about earlier: If you missed the broadcast, you missed the show. iPlayer and YouTube were a distant dream.

In today’s fast-paced world, expecting individuals to absorb a message once and remember it forever is unrealistic.

In TV advertising campaigns, a crucial metric is ‘opportunity to see,’ quantifying how many chances your audience has to view your ad. Repetition is key.

We believe the difference is made is with live data

As well as the simpler things like helping get people to meetings, get trucks to the right loading bay and welcoming your visitors, digital signage has a more transformational role to play.

LiveSpace is our digital signage product which makes things happen: With seamless real-time integration to your back-office systems, LiveSpace can present the metrics you measure most to all your people in a way which motivates them more than ever before.

Whatever data matters most in your business, we can show it on screen live in real time.

For a more in-depth understanding, download our free guide, and get in touch if you’d like to talk.

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