Carbon Trust guide teaches about heat leakage

Posted on 6 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

The Carbon Trust has announced that it is to launch a guide to educate businesses on how they can reduce the amount of heat lost through appliances.

Launched on Monday (September 5), Heat Recovery Overview Guide aims to highlight the amount of money that can potentially be saved by reducing the amount of energy lost through ventilation systems, boiler gases, air compressors and refrigeration equipment. Heat recovery is the collection and re-use of heat from devices that would otherwise be lost.

Richard Rugg, Director of Carbon Trust Programmes, said: “Even though it’s been slightly warmer outside, there’s still plenty of opportunity to make heat savings inside. From office-based businesses to retailers and manufacturers, there are significant opportunities to recover and reuse heat, save money and boost your bottom line”.

Diamond Power, a boiler cleaning and ash-handling systems producer, invested in a mechanical ventilation system that extracts heat from the compressor room. They were able to pay back the money spent in just over three years.

The guide is free, and includes a useful, simple checklist and examples of best practice, and can be downloaded from the Carbon Trust website. The Trust is also running a free webinar on 8th September for smaller scale manufacturing and warehousing businesses which will show employers how to cut bills by up to 30%, sign up to secure your place here.

George Archer