Caterpillar helps ex-Armed Forces back to work

Posted on 18 Jun 2013

Caterpillar and ANAtech, an Armed Forces recruitment company, hosted an ex-Forces vocational visit on June 11 to support personnel looking to transition to civilian employment.

The open day aimed to help active servicemen, or skilled ex-Forces engineers and technicians from all services and all ranks, understand how skills gained with the Armed Forces can be transferred into civilian workplace.

Guests learned how Caterpillar in the UK operates and heard from Caterpillar ex-Forces employees who shared their experiences about making the transition to life after the forces.

The team from ANAtech and Caterpillar human resources also provided practical guidance and advice on building a CV and preparing for interviews.

“Discipline and a strong work ethic are qualities synonymous with the Armed Forces and we realise the benefits of employing people with these qualities,” said Caterpillar UK recruiting manager. “The skills and expertise they bring are those companies need to succeed in our increasingly competitive world.”

Attending the open day, Simon Weston OBE said: “Having served in HM Forces, I fully understand how hard it is to make the transition from the military to the civilian world.

“It is great that companies such as Caterpillar are interested in those that have served and I am thrilled to be a part of this event.”

Annette Hutton, Applicant Services Director, ANAtech, said she felt certain that Caterpillar were impressed with the candidates’ calibre. “We know that those from HM Forces will demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and expertise [to work in industry]. Working with our applicants is very rewarding and having placed many into civilian roles it is clear that they are an asset to industry.”

For more information on opportunities available to Ex-Forces personnel, please contact [email protected].