CCC and Polarcus in CO2 emissions reduction collaboration

Posted on 7 Nov 2011 by The Manufacturer

Cambridge Carbon Capture (CCC) has entered into a research collaboration project with Polarcus Limited to develop carbon mineralization technology.

It is hoped that the new technology will be used to reduce CO2 emissions from ships, including emissions from Polarcus’ fleet of 3D seismic vessels.

Polarcus and CCC have agreed to jointly fund a three year Ph.D. research program at the University of Sheffield which will operate in association with the E-Futures Doctoral Training Centre scheme in operation at the university.

Dr Robin Francis, CEO of Cambridge Carbon Capture, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Polarcus, an acknowledged leader in reducing emissions from marine vessels. The collaboration will help us to further develop our carbon capture technologies for use in the marine and other sectors.”

Polarcus is a pure play marine geophysical company, which specialises in high-end towed streamer data acquisition from Pole to Pole, using 3D seismic vessels. It employs over 500 people and offers contract seismic surveys and multi-client projects worldwide.

It is believed that the research project will make an important contribution to Polarcus’ goal of becoming the most environmentally responsible towed marine seismic service provider in the industry.

CCC, based at ideaSpace in the University’s West Cambridge site, is developing a unique electrochemical mineral carbonation technology for the profitable and scalable capture of CO2 into high value products while producing clean, carbon-free power.