Chill out: Drinks cans that reveal their mood

Posted on 14 May 2013

Drinks can maker Rexam has become the first in the market to provide thermochromic printed ends and photochromic ink to change the colour of cans in response to temperature and environment.

Thermochromic ink changes colour indicating the can is chilled and ready for consumption. Available to brands in 12 different colours and on two can end variants, the 200 and 202 ends, the thermochromic indicator is highly visible to consumers while the can is stored in the fridge or on the shelf.

Photochromic ink is a white transparent ink that reacts and changes colour when exposed to natural daylight when outdoors (the ink doesn’t work indoors through glass). The finish is now available on Rexam’s complete beverage can range.

The two technical changes have been made to enable consumers to have more interaction with their canned drinks. With photochromic ink, the beverage can maker says there is greater opportunity for the brand to communicate on healthy living, and outdoor activities such as festivals.

“These two new innovations will keep our customers at the forefront of can design, tapping into a trend that focuses on interactivity between the consumer, the drinking occasion and the brand,” says Marianne Freund, Rexam’s Innovation and NPD manager.

“The launch of photochromic ink is well timed at the start of summer for brands that associate themselves with the outdoors, be it with al fresco dining, music festivals or sporting occasions. While the development of thermochromic printed ends takes can design and thermochromic indication to a new level,” she added.