CIO: An improver or transformer?

Posted on 25 Feb 2013 by Tim Brown

New research aims to examine how, on the journey out of the server room to the boardroom, there has emerged two types of technology leadersĀ­: those that continue to improve the business, processes and infrastructure, and those that transform and inspire new ways of doing business through technology.

The survey poses questions for both CIO and IT Directors and Senior management in non IT roles on their perceptions of the top IT position in their organisations.

Findings will gauge where CIOs sit in UK manufacturing companies today. It aims to uncover the chasm or crack between what both sides of the organisation think is needed from the CIO role moving forward, how those needs have changed and what affect have new technologies such as social and mobile had on helping or hindering the rise of a more strategic technology figure.

The results are expected to throw up some interesting points particularly in the comparison of IT vs Non IT responses.

It does also fuel the well reported questions about how strategic this role is becoming, the importance of technology and ERP systems in driving business performance, visibility and efficiency. It also perhaps challenges business leaders to reshape and realign the contribution played by the IT department and its leader.

To take part and share your thoughts and receive a full report of the findings please take the survey here.