Clean energy plant for Peterborough

Posted on 11 Nov 2009 by The Manufacturer

Waste glass, plastic and metal are to be converted into clean energy with the Government giving the go-ahead for a new plant in Peterborough.

Energy and Climate Change Minister David Kidney has granted consent to Peterborough Renewable Energy for the construction of the 80MW energy from waste and biomass fuelled power station at Storey’s Bar Gate.

“This plant will provide reliable, low carbon energy for years to come. The UK needs to generate 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, and energy from biomass could contribute as much as a third of that. Meeting our target means we have to follow the East of England’s example and build more plants like this.”

The power station will include a cluster of processes which together provide a means of dealing with materials such as waste and provide beneficial outputs such as recovered glass, plastics and metals. The East of England has its own renewable target of 17% by 2020, not including offshore wind, and this plant could deliver 10% of that target for 2010/11 and, over the 20 year life of the station, it will save almost 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.