Close up on Instagram for business

Posted on 14 Nov 2015 by The Manufacturer

TM’s digital strategist, Hayden Richards, weighs in on Instagram for business.

Hayden Richards, digital native & growth hacker, The Manufacturer
Hayden Richards, digital native & growth hacker, The Manufacturer

Many Manufacturers face new social media platforms to contend with daily. This is because the digital playground in which they operate constantly changes.

Who would have thought that Twitter would actually surpass LinkedIn as the Number 1 social media site for salespeople? It is now the place to start prospecting.

In a Forbes article in May 2015, Vanessa DI Mauro, CEO and CDO of Leader Networks says; “Due to the fast and the collaborative nature of Twitter, a sales person can effectively share an idea or engage with a prospective client through a pithy missive.

“When the exchange goes well, it can then be moved to LinkedIn – which represents a much larger personal commitment.”

Manufacturing firms therefore must adapt to keep up with changing trends, as well as diverse audiences, all of whom possess varying technical abilities.

The figures involved are staggering: LinkedIn has 364 million users while Twitter has 302 million active users, but now there is a social network manufacturers may not have taken too seriously that has surpassed even these two juggernauts… Instagram.

Boasting more than 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is appealing to businesses, with ‘Shop Now’ buttons and a new ad platform, tailored to sponsored posts.

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LinkedIn has 364 million users,Twitter has 302 million active users, but Instagram boasts more than 400 million active users monthly.

If you are worried about tactics to conquer Instagram fear not.

Facebook has released a report examining customer response on Instagram. It says a full one in four believes that Instagram has actually changed the way they see the world.

Instagram may also be inspiring people to see and seize opportunities.

This offers a huge opportunity to position yourself for industrial brand and product discovery – and for brands to connect with your thought leaders and brand evangelists.

It’s now up to you to decide what types of experiences will best deliver on those objectives.