Closure threatens to devastate community

Posted on 10 Oct 2008 by The Manufacturer

There has been an outcry over plans to close the Eaton Electric factory in Holyhead – a move which would result in the loss of 265 jobs in the Anglesey area.

The situation has been blamed on current market conditions and foreign competition, which is forcing the company to move its operations to Europe to “increase efficiency and continue to optimise global competitiveness.”

If the plans go ahead, the Anglesey factory would close in December 2009.

“I will do everything in my power to safeguard [workers’] jobs,” said council leader Phil Fowlie. “We have already been in contact with the Welsh Assembly Government and Albert Owen MP, so that we can work together and make this a top priority.

“Unfortunately, it seems that the current economic climate is now beginning to bite hard here on Anglesey,” he added.