CNC lathes: Made in Europe and committed to in-house production

Posted on 26 Apr 2024 by The Manufacturer

The CNC lathe that changed the history of CMZ. CMZ has been manufacturing machine tools since 1945 and has a team of over 500 people and five subsidiaries throughout Europe: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark.

With its clear commitment to manufacturing in Europe, the company produces almost all the parts for each CNC lathe delivered at the plants it owns. The result? More than 549 machines delivered and €110 M turnover in 2023.

Strength, power and reliability. These are the three characteristics that best define all CMZ’s CNC lathes. From lathes with one or more turrets (multi-turret) to turn-key automation solutions, the company’s broad product range is suitable for all types of high precision machining. The entire lathe is made in Europe: over 80% of CMZ lathe components are made at our own facilities. The company owns seven production plants  in mainland Spain, providing a surface area of 40,000 m2 dedicated to the production of CNC lathes.

Its TA series, a high performance CNC lathe, comprises prismatic bench lathes with an integrated, fully-cooled 12,000rpm motorised turret. The TA series is highly configurable, with three options for bench length: Z400, Z540 and Z1100, to suit the specific needs of each customer. In addition, the Gantry Loader GL 2011, a highly interesting automation solution, makes it easy to automate short and long batch runs. All of this makes the TA series CMZ’s top selling series par excellence: precision, robustness and reliability.

In terms of high precision lathes, CMZ presents its TD Z800-Z1350 range of high precision, reliable lathes. These lathes are available in different bench lengths (Z800 and Z1350) and always tailored to the needs and particularities of each customer and their process. The turret with integrated motor and hydraulic clamping has an output of 13 kW, 105 Nm and 12,000 rpm, and an indexing time of 30º in 200 ms. The spindle centre lines of these powerful machines are also integrated and oil cooled, increasing precision and reducing machining times. The fact of not having belts or pulleys reduces noise and delivers a better surface finish. For these reasons, the TD Z800-Z1350 can be your best ally in the workshop.

Big solutions for big challenges For machining large parts, the large lathes in the TD Z2300-Z3200 series enable work on benches with more than 2 and 3 metres between the chuck and the tailstock. The large lathe is perfect for multi-axis and large part machining. This type of lathe is in great demand from customers in sectors like the aeronautics and oil and gas industries, accustomed to producing and requiring large-sized parts. And furthermore, who said large meant slow? The turret in the TD Z2200-Z3200 series is fitted with an integrated motor and hydraulic clamping: 12,000 rpm, 105 Nm and 13 kW which make it possible to machine large parts with great stability and power.

For bar turning companies seeking to reduce their cycle times, CMZ offers its range of multi-turret lathes. CMZ’s TT series comprises the bar lathe from the TTS series, and the turning centre from the TTL series. Both are ideal for reducing cycle times for the machining of complex parts and their technical specifications make them unique. CMZ’s multi-turret lathes are beltless and have 8 integrated oil-cooled motors. Eliminating belts greatly increases precision in the machining, offering users many competitive advantages.

As well as the technology, the TTS and TTL series are also unique due to their functionalities. Displacement along the X3 and Z3 axes permits unique functionalities: it includes counterstock (optional), operates with 3 tools simultaneously and permits the machining of longer parts by reducing interferences.

This very specific range completes CMZ’s product range and responds to the demand from machining companies focused on high production. These companies get orders for high-volume production with very tight margins. Precision and reliability in this type of lathe is fundamental, because every micron counts.

In addition, for all companies seeking to automate short and long batch runs, CMZ offers specific solutions with its Gantry Loader range. Solutions 100% tailored to customer needs, with an easy, simple programming system which can be used to minimize loading and unloading times There is an infinite number of automation solutions perfectly suited to the demands of each type of customer. A way of maximising the performance of any CNC lathe. With the lack of skilled labour, automation has become a clear need for all machining companies.

The manufacture of a CNC lathe is a complex process that requires high precision. CMZ applies its corporate philosophy to the manufacturing process with a clear commitment to “in-house” production. To that end, it has brought out the big guns with over 40,000 m2 of usable floor area at its own production plants. Manufacturing over 80% of the components for the lathe helps to provide a top quality product, as well as being providing the manufacturer’s warranty. Integral control of the process also involves looking after the after-sales service and for that reason CMZ has reinforced its technical support team. There are now over 70 professionals in CMZ’s official service providing direct customer support around the world. Our own team of factory engineers provide a product-specific service.

The commitment to integral control of the process results in powerful, robust machines with life spans of more than 20 years. CMZ, manufacturer of European CNC lathes.

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