CNC Robotics celebrates 10th birthday with new site and extra staff

Posted on 21 Aug 2020 by Jonny Williamson

Over the past 10 years, CNC Robotics has established a reputation as a leading supplier of robots for machining applications, with customers in many manufacturing industries.

CNC Robotics has celebrated a milestone anniversary by undertaking a significant expansion of its robot-machining business. The company has added a second site near its Liverpool base and have recruited five extra staff.

The business  has developed systems for a huge variety of machining processes, including milling, drilling, trimming, additive manufacturing, and general process automation to carry out packing and pick and place operations as well as for machine tending of conventional machine tools.

The addition of the second site will enable a clearer separation of the company’s business in the supply of standard cells for single functions, typically trimming or drilling, and its innovative R&D projects for more challenging applications.

Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Jason Barker, explained: “Running both services from a single site presented several challenges, not just a shortage of space. For example, we often needed to stop work on confidential projects while prospective customers were visiting to see our standard solutions.

“Having our innovative research on a separate site means that work can continue there uninterrupted. Equally, we now have room on our main site to keep a standard demonstration cell permanently on show for clients that need a “plug-and-play” system.”

Along with the five recruits, the management team was strengthened with the promotion of Philippa Glover to Managing Director and the addition of former Autodesk and Delcam Director, Bart Simpson, as the company’s Non-Executive Chairman.

The expansion follows an increase in turnover of more than 30% during 2019, with CNC Robotics on course for even greater growth this year.

Alongside the general trend towards increased automation, there is a growing appreciation that robots can often provide a more cost-effective solution than milling machines for the large-scale machining of softer materials.

CNC Robotics has seen rapid growth in the demand for its systems from both industry and higher education establishments. The extra staff will enable the company to meet that increased demand. They will also help to maintain the high levels of training and support provided to customers as the number of clients grows.