Connected machines thought to be core benefit of 4IR

Posted on 4 Jul 2018 by Jonny Williamson

UK manufacturers believe that the core advantage of industrial digital technologies is the ability they offer businesses to monitor and act upon data flowing from connected machines.

Gathering and analysing the information flowing from connected machines allows decision-makers – either human or machine – to see weaknesses in the system before they become problems, or tweak systems to achieve greater efficiency.

A clear 91% of respondents to the Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 get this, and encouragingly, the negative statement the survey posed – namely, that boardroom resistance to investment would get in the way – was largely dismissed.

Connected Machines - Annual Manufacturing Report 2018

It’s not just the information flow created from connected machines that is so important, it is also the power that these technologies give manufacturers to design and innovate new products faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Given the UK’s track record in design and innovation, it is fair to say that such a wholesale embrace by our respondents of these technologies means that we are ready to exploit the edge that our national industrial creativity offers.

Design & Innovation - Annual Manufacturing Report 2018

For further insights into the attitudes of UK manufacturing decision-makers, download your free copy of the Annual Manufacturing Report 2018, here