Construction management: how to adapt & conquer

Posted on 5 Mar 2018 by The Manufacturer

The construction industry is arguably the backbone of the country, with over 2 million people employed within the sector in the UK.

A construction company can be a challenge to market effectively. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.The sector itself contains a variety of specialised industries, including architecture, building construction and civil engineering. With an estimated 30,000 construction firms in the UK and a gross value of over £65 million to the economy, it can be difficult for a new company to make their mark in the busy market. There are, however, three tried and tested methods to help guide you on your way to success with your construction company.

Invest In Quality Material & Equipment

To ensure your clients receive the highest quality finished product, it almost goes without saying that you need to invest in the correct materials and the best equipment. How can your employees work to the best of their ability with the incorrect materials? It includes everything from ensuring you have the sharpest saw for your joinery to the correct grade of concrete. When you are shopping for suppliers, whether it’s for digger buckets and excavator buckets or timber, it’s important you choose a supplier like Rhinox, who is reliable and who you know provides the highest-quality equipment for your contraction business. By cutting corners in your budget for material and equipment, you could potentially be putting the structure of your latest building in jeopardy. For example, if you use lower grade cement and cheaper bars when constructing weight-bearing columns, they may not be able to cope with the maximum load of the building.

Utilise Marketing Avenues

In order to gain more customers, you first need to attract their attention. There are a variety of ways to win new clients, such as word-of-mouth recommendations to placing a sign outside the latest project you’ve completed. While these are still great (and free) ways to advertise, in the modern, technology-loving world, it’s time to step up your marketing game. It means that you need to explore any available marketing channels, including having a website and using social media. You will need to have an easy-to-navigate, informative website which has been optimised for search engines, along with a presence on social media channels. The social media channels you choose will be dependent on your company’s target audience. If you are specialising in creating affordable family homes, Facebook may be the platform for you, whereas if you’re focusing on building office blocks, perhaps LinkedIn. You can pay for targeted advertising on social media channels to reach a wider audience, which you may not have found through organic posting alone.

Recruit The Right Workforce

Your employees are the cogs which keep your machine turning, and without them, you wouldn’t have the expertise and labour to complete and take on new projects. Therefore, it is vital that you have staff who are not only dedicated to your company but are team-players and loyal. A high turnover of staff will put off any prospective employees as they will wonder why people are leaving and should they be worried about it? It also means you have to possibly pay for a recruitment firm more often than you’d like. By recruiting new employees who have the talent, drive and determination to succeed, it will, in turn, allow your company to make strides forward in the quest for success.

It’s also important that once you have the right workforce, you continuously allow them to learn and develop their skills and talents. It may be an expense to send team members on regular courses, but it will no doubt pay off in the long-run when their skills have the edge over your competitors.