STL invests in new machinery

Posted on 18 Jun 2012

Samuel Taylor Limited invested £160,000 on new equipment to face an increase in demand for precious metal contacts and contact materials.

An additional £30,000 were invested in LogoPress software & training that integrates with the company’s existing SolidWorks 3D platform.

“We worked on the two Diamond Jubilee bank holidays,” said Alastair Gordon, Samuel Taylor’s managing director, explaining that over 80% of the company’s production is exported.

The new equipment (GF AgieCharmilles machines, a new CUT 2000 wire EDM and a new DRILL 20) enables Samuel Taylor to design and make high quality progression tooling considerably faster than before.

“We have slashed the time required to make progression tools by half,” said Mr Gordon. Lead times were reduced with the new machinery and software and thanks to the greater use of virtual manufacturing the company is making. The ability to create virtual progression tooling and simulate how it will perform means it can reduce waste and save time.

“We can simulate all the required parameters for the tooling before cutting metal thus ensuring a right first time approach to tool design,” Gordon confirmed.

Additionally Samuel Taylor has hired another skilled tool maker to ensure that the machines and the software meet expectations and to help with the mentoring of STL’s apprentices.