Continued workforce expansion for Nissan

Posted on 12 Mar 2008 by The Manufacturer

Nissan is to create a further 50 jobs at its Sunderland plant following continued sales success of its Qashqai model.

The new roles have come about as a result of a £5 million expansion to its axle production shop, which is to provide support for the significant increase in Qashqai production.

“This is another example of Nissan continuing to invest in its UK operation, and is a further boost to the workforce coming so soon after the announcement of a third production shift,” said Trevor Mann, senior vice president, manufacturing and supply chain management, Nissan Europe.

Nissan had only recently announced 800 new roles in response to its introduction of an extra production shift this summer on one of its two manufacturing lines, to allow an increase in Qashqai production to over 200,000 cars per year.