Coventry lightweight casting maker develops new parts for JLR

Posted on 11 Jun 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Sarginsons Industries, a Midlands-based lightweight casting company, is set to start on a new programme of work on parts for the next generation of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

Sarginsons Industries is to set to start on a new programme of work on parts for the next generation of JLR vehicles.

Sarginsons Industries, which is based in Coventry, has invested to upgrade its sand foundry which will see the firm making new components for the aluminium chassis of future vehicles for the global automotive giant.

Work is set to start in June after the company invested in new process controls and mixing equipment at its manufacturing facility in Torrington Avenue.

Sarginsons will provide the parts to two tier one suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover, which will form part of the company’s next generation of vehicles.

Anthony Evans, the managing director of Sarginsons, said: “We continue to invest to ensure that we are able to bid for and land new contracts with major manufacturers.

“We don’t supply Jaguar Land Rover directly but our components have to meet the very stringent standards set by the world’s biggest OEMs. The programme of work will start in June and we are very excited to be part of this next generation of vehicles.

As well investing in our equipment and processes, we also continue to invest in our staff and training to ensure we can deliver major contracts and programmes such as this.”

Evans added: “The mood in the industry is positive. We are working on several automotive programmes and some non-automotive contracts too.

“There is a great deal of uncertainty around what Brexit will mean but we are seeing no let-up in orders and, also, we are seeing some of our clients looking to open bases in the UK – and in this region – to ensure there is no issue when it comes to supplying some of the major manufacturers in our area.

“So it is an exciting period for our industry and we are very pleased to be right in the middle of the action when it comes to manufacturing and further investment will follow later in the year.”