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Posted on 17 Apr 2023 by The Manufacturer

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New multi-million pound investment to boost technologies for the UK’s future combat aircraft

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a contract extension worth £656m to BAE Systems to progress the concepting and technology of the next generation combat aircraft, known as Tempest in the UK.

The new funding will build on the ground-breaking science, research and engineering already completed under the first phase of the contract delivered by UK Tempest partners BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, MBDA UK and Rolls-Royce. Read more via The Manufacturer

To Jupiter and beyond: Airbus-built JUICE begins its epic odyssey

Around 13:33 UTC last Friday, Airbus’s JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) spread its wings following the Ariane 5 successful lift-off an hour earlier. The ESA spacecraft operations team at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany, took control of the spacecraft and confirmed reception of the first telemetry and the smooth deployment of the solar arrays. The Airbus-built JUICE is now officially on its way to Jupiter! Read more via Airbus

New UKRI funding aims to enhance UK sustainable biomanufacturing

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) partners have announce a new feasibility awards to develop and improve sustainable biomanufacturing in the UK.

The joint investment by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Innovate UK will support 34 feasibility studies across the UK. Read more via UKRI

UK facing a losing battle in semiconductor growth unless the government acts now

The UK government’s long awaited Semiconductor Strategy provides an opportunity to lay out a blueprint to grow this critically important sector that underpins virtually every modern industry.

However, unless it includes a robust plan that includes incentives for capital expenditure, meaningful investment in UK semiconductor companies and drives home-grown revenue opportunities through the targeted use of public procurement, the UK doesn’t stand a chance. Read more via The Manufacturer

Government outlines action needed in coming years to decarbonise aviation

Ministers and aviation chiefs will reveal an action plan today for the next 2 years in the race to reach Jet Zero by 2050, as the government continues with ambitious plans to decarbonise faster than any other G7 country, grow the economy, and support hundreds of thousands of well-paid green jobs.

The Jet Zero Council – made up of industry, academic and government leaders – will meet today (17 April 2023) at Farnborough Airport. Through its 2-year plan, the council will commit to continue working to speed up the design, manufacture, and rollout of zero emission aircraft and vital infrastructure at UK airports. Read more via GOV UK

Toyota technology for a new hybrid electric generation

More power and more rewarding performance are the headline qualities of the fifth generation of Toyota’s market-leading hybrid electric technology, delivered with even more efficient fuel consumption and emissions. The comprehensively revised system, which debuted earlier this year in the new Corolla range, in fact targeted a wider range of benefits – goals which were successfully achieved through Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement. Read more via Toyota