DavyMarkham secures £10m contract

Posted on 12 Jul 2011 by The Manufacturer

The Sheffield-based heavy engineering specialist announced that it has agreed to manufacture and supply Canadian gold producer Goldcorp with two double-drum hoists over the next three years.

DavyMarkham fabricates supplies complex engineered components to a wide-ranging customer base, and its collaboration with Goldcorp on the Éléonore gold mining project in northern Quebec follows a long list of successful international partnerships with mining companies.

The two companies are not new acquaintances – previously DavyMarkham supplied Goldcorp with similar but smaller hoists for their operations at the Éléonore mine. One of the new hoists is to be used to sink the shaft, and the second is to serve as a service hoist which will maintain the mine’s core operations. The contract includes the design, manufacture, fabrication and trial assembly of all the parts.

“The contract follows our previous work with Goldcorp Éléonore Project to supply a first set of drum hoists on a slightly smaller scale,” said Gordon Scott, sales and marketing director at DavyMarkham. “There are few companies with DavyMarkham’s ability to service large contracts of this kind and the safety margins for drum hoists are narrow due to the stresses that their workload consistently applies,” he added.

Éléonore is a relatively new project, situated close to James Bay in the far north of Quebec. The Éléonore deposit, discovered in 2003, lies at a depth of at least 1,400 metres and is nearly 1.5 kilometres long.

George Archer